Buddha Intelligence | History
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This type of intelligence is something new to many of you, but about 2600 years ago Gauthama Buddha discovered this state, but the message was lost after about 450 years following his death.  Although in common usage today we call him the “Buddha”, the real meaning of the word “Buddha” is “supreme intelligence arisen from within”. In fact he never called himself Buddha, but “Thatha-gatha” which has a different meaning. By calling him a person called Buddha, its real meaning has gone underground enabling later emerged “religions” with a different face to create an object of a person for worship, reverence, and faith, undermining his greatest discovery of supreme intelligence for the benefit of humanity.

During the course of time afterwards his discovery of attaining “supreme intelligence” became adulterated and mixed up with concepts of eastern religions (acquired through thinking), later to emerge as a religion called “Buddd+ism” which has failed to produce any results i.e. “enlightened” ones. This transformation occurred in spite of the fact that Gouthama Buddha himself had clearly stated that his discovery is not a “religion” (as written in Brahmajala sutra of the Tripitaka, the sacred text of “Buddhism”). After 2100 years in the dark the method has now opened up and I invite you to take this opportunity and become “enlightened” and spend the rest of your normal life in that calm, serine, happy state of supreme knowledge.

And finally…

Buddha intelligence” is to be “experienced and seen” and not to be thought.

The “experience and seeing” arises when thoughts cease to happen. So the essence, as you would have expected by now is to stop thinking but still be awake with out the activity of the mind — also known as “Awakening”. The opposite – that is when you are awake through the activity of the mind, if you attempt to stop thinking the “nature” will put you to sleep!!

Interested!!    —-     Read on…….     and Listen…….