Buddha Intelligence | What it is not
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What it is not

1. This is neither a religious site, nor does it have spiritual dimensions. At the onset it must be stressed that this is not a site dedicated to explain “Buddhism” – a religion or a way of life as practised today, with moral principles and rights and wrongs. Over the past 2100 years or so, the practice of “Buddhism” has not resulted in anybody attaining supreme intelligence.

2. It is also not a “science”, “philosophy” or a “doctrine” involving logic and reasoning. In other words it is not a “theory” comprehended via a process of thinking because supreme intelligence is beyond thought.

3. This is not another site dedicated to develop or control the mind known at the present time as meditation. In fact it is the mind that prevents one from achieving supreme intelligence. The approach described in this site therefore, is to get rid of the trouble maker the mind, the magician in order to see reality and beyond reality.

4. This is not another or a new version of “Buddhism” .i.e. not another “ism”.

5. This is not affiliated to any of the branches or traditions of “Buddhism” known in the world today.