Buddha Intelligence | What it is
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What it is

1. Not many people know that there are different systems in our physical bodies to become knowledgeable about nature and beyond.

a) The mind, memory, brain and thinking is one system we all know and use in our day to day lives for learning. This system provides only little information, (compared to supreme intelligence) in fact mostly about illusions created by the mind which we call “nature”. It has no access to knowledge about reality and beyond reality, as the mind via thinking can only show the illusions it creates. All the scientific advances to date are via this little information from the mind.

b) There is another system available in our bodies to uncover information and knowledge, about not only the illusions created by the mind, but also reality and beyond reality. This process does not involve the mind, memory, brain and thinking and therefore beyond thinking. Little has been known about this system. This site is about uncovering this system, the initial stages of which, I and many others have experienced in the recent past, should not be difficult to the enthusiast.

2. The state of complete “supreme intelligence” is also known as “Buddha”.
The word Buddha is made of two components.

“Budd” meaning — “Supra mundane or supreme intelligence”, and

“tha” meaning — “arisen from with in” This state is not a thought but to be experienced and seen as it arises from within, when the thought process is abolished.

This is a highly misunderstood fact in religions.

It is not a developed state of the mind, but in fact it arises only when the illusory mind is conquered. (In all forms of meditation mind is not conquered but brought to the forefront. Even if the person who meditates feels that there are no thoughts, the “consciousness” in that state is mind mediated –so the mind is still active).

3. The word “intelligence” in common usage means “ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills”. This is with in the limits of the thought process, as it involves capacity for logic, abstract thought, understanding and comprehension, creativity etc. (via a thought mechanism). In contrast “supreme intelligence is beyond thought.
It does not involve thinking, the memory, the activities of the brain and the mind.
Instead the knowledge arises from within the space of the body not connected to thinking. One might feel that this is not possible (again ideated via thinking) and wonder where this information was stored (other than the mind and the brain) and so on, but once experienced and seen you will come to have all that knowledge. The mind, however developed or controlled will have no access to this aspect of knowing of reality and beyond.

4. Because it is beyond thought, it is also called “supra mundane intelligence”. That is why it is not a “science” – because scientific investigation by definition is systematic study involving observation and experiment, logic and reasoning. Many have tried to link science and the state of “Buddha intelligence” and have failed to attain even the most basic fundamental steps in the path towards “supreme intelligence”. Please do not mix up science, scientific investigation of nature using the thought process and equipment made by using the thought process, with “Buddha” a much higher incomparable state of intelligence which is beyond thought and does not require any equipment to achieve such a state.

5. The information on this site is mainly knowledge obtained through experience and seeing and not through thinking and reasoning.